If you are what you eat...
....lab personnel eat some ridiculous, creatively funky stuff.
The Q Design Lab was created in 2008 with the fundamental idea of providing engaging, creative and unique marketing and design for our client partners.
We help clients launch the perfect new brand, take brands out of the witness protection program, or just rekindle the flame your brand and your customers once had. What sets us apart is our Qunique Solutions leverage the expertise of lab personnel and the experience of our client partners to develop new strategies to connect with your customers.
Traditional white coat style marketing or new wave experiential interactive advertising...lab techs can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. Period.
With new, intense media experiences seemingly around every corner, opportunities and challenges abound. Qunique advantages can be found in Social Networking, Blogs, Video sites, the mythical "Viral" campaign...but where to begin?
Lab staff can bring digital media to the core of your brand awareness strategies - with your bottom line in mind.
Make customer communication more effective and create the buzz your brand deserves? Deal!
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