If the design lab was a game show...
...we'd be Nypsey Russell + (Richard Dawson x Chuck Barris)
The Q Design Lab currently has its' main facility in the
Mohave Desert, the labs specific location is kept classified due to an unfortunate mishap on a self-guided tour that
has since been suspended..
Q Design Lab currently represents clients in California, Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee and New York.
Lab Director
Carl Samuelson
Our lab director, Carl Samuelson has over 10 years of
Marketing and Design experience.
Carl also brings the battle tested skill of bringing creative ideas and individuals together to serve one goal, yours.
With a creative past that reads like a
wrap sheet in police dramas...

Art Director for publishing firm....
... Packaging Design for major retailer...
Creative Director for marketing firm...
Carl brings with him the wealth of experience and dedication to the idea that great design should be available to everyone.
Due to the highly sensitive nature of the items that
ALL OTHER lab personnel are currently working on, their identities must be kept confidential. We can tell you that they are constantly monitored for quality purposes by our lab director. This policy allows us to contract only the best of the best for your projects - and that's what were here for, right?
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